Wildlife Mississippi became involved in wetland and stream mitigation because the high cost of many mitigation banks was hampering economic growth of the state. In addition, many wetland and stream projects were not focusing on lands that provided strategic, long-term conservation benefits for the state.

In response, Wildlife Mississippi created The SWAMP Group. While we recognize that developers want to compensate for unavoidable wetland and stream losses, they especially want to pay a fair fee that is equivalent with the damage. They also want to focus on what they are good at – construction – and do not need costly delays.

The SWAMP Group provides mitigation sites and services throughout Mississippi. With our long-standing commitment to strategic conservation and sustaining the Mississippi economy, as well as our long history in wetland and stream mitigation, we bring unparalleled expertise and knowledge to your wetland and stream mitigation needs. Our projects will meet the current and future demands for wetland and stream needs in areas driven by oil and gas development as well as infrastructure improvements (i.e., highway construction, commercial development, residential development) to serve the state’s growing population. Each mitigation bank we operate is in a distinct watershed. And each bank is tied to a significant ecological and environmental resource such as a national wildlife refuge, state wildlife management area a watershed tied to a scenic river or stream, or other significant resource concern.

Some companies try to create their own on-site or off-site mitigation. In doing so, many problems can surface, including compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, regulatory approval of the mitigation plan, perpetual maintenance and monitoring, and reporting to state and federal agencies. Failure to achieve any of these may result in costly project delays.

The SWAMP Group is the one-stop shop that can help solve complex wetland and stream problems in a cost-effective manner. We have a long history of providing mitigation under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act and Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act. The SWAMP Group has experts in surface impact assessment, regulatory process resolution and, most importantly, efficient design of ecological offsets. We can provide a turn-key mitigation solution that transfers liability appropriately and will keep projects moving forward.