Credits are released (made available) periodically throughout the development of a bank as the restoration goals are achieved. Pricing can vary based on bank development costs, credit availability and credit demand. However, we always strive to provide the lowest-cost mitigation credits on the market in order to achieve our conservation goals and promote economic development in Mississippi.

View current credit availability (Regulatory In-Lieu Fee and Bank Information Tracking System) or contact Wildlife Mississippi.


All of our banks are located on sites that can provide both wetland and stream credits. Wetland credits are typically based on the amount of acres restored or impacted, whereas stream credits are typically based on linear feet. Especially with wetland credits, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers districts use different methods to convert the area impacted or conserved (protected, restored and/or enhanced) into a measurable credit. Therefore, all credits are not created equally. However, all credits are derived based on the quality of wetlands being impacted or conserved, and the units they are converted into tend to equalize when it comes down to the mitigation cost per impact unit.