Wetland and stream credits are produced from mitigation banks owned by Wildlife Mississippi and its partners. Each bank provides credits that can be purchased to satisfy compensatory mitigation requirements. Wildlife Mississippi identifies areas throughout Mississippi that provide significant conservation benefits as well as strategic, long-term conservation. These areas are also suitable for the creation of reasonably priced mitigation credits. The SWAMP Group creates and implements plans to establish banks, ensures long-term stewardship of mitigation sites and works with the Mississippi Land Trust on perpetual protection of sites.


The SWAMP Group can provide a complete solution, either on-site or off-site, when a mitigation bank is unavailable or not compatible with the wetlands or streams impacted. The SWAMP Group can assist in every step of the process, from planning, to restoration, to monitoring, to stewardship.

The SWAMP Group works to develop mitigation projects with significant conservation benefits as well as ones that provide strategic, long-term conservation while helping Mississippi grow its economy. If you have a project that is not within a mitigation bank service area, or if a mitigation bank is not suitable, please contact us to determine if an individual (permittee-responsible) or consolidated mitigation project is suitable for you. The SWAMP Group completes these projects in a similar manner as our mitigation banks, providing a turn-key package, including:

  • Property location, feasibility and acquisition (fee simple or easement)
  • Preparation of mitigation plans for submittal to appropriate agencies
  • Serving as the long-term steward
  • Restoration planning and implementation
  • Monitoring and reporting to appropriate agencies

The SWAMP Group has completed eight specialized mitigation projects.


A conservation easement or servitude is an essential part of a mitigation bank. If you need a conservation easement or servitude for your mitigation bank, one of our partners (Gulf Coast Land Trust, Mississippi Land Trust or Mississippi River Trust) can help.


Long-term stewardship is an essential part of a mitigation bank. Many bank developers do not want the responsibility of having to perpetually manage a mitigation bank after the credits have been sold. We can help develop this essential element.


The SWAMP Group can provide the necessary marketing and sales to those who do not desire to conduct these activities for their own mitigation banks.

The SWAMP Group assists special partners in the management and marketing of mitigation credit sales. Due to the competitive nature of mitigation banks in the same service area, The SWAMP Group will only work with one operational mitigation bank within any eight-digit hydrologic unit. All profits from the SWAMP Group will be utilized toward conservation efforts in Mississippi.


The SWAMP Group can provide wetland and stream restoration oversight throughout Mississippi.