Mitigation is an effective way to protect, restore or enhance significant wetlands and streams. Wetland and stream mitigation must also be reasonably priced to help foster sustainable economic development, promote expansion and recruitment of businesses and industries, and increase jobs in Mississippi.

With this in mind, Wildlife Mississippi has created the Mississippi Strategic Wetland Acquisition and Management Program, or The Mississippi SWAMP. Through this program, we have wetland and stream credits available at multiple areas throughout the state.

Wildlife Mississippi owns and manages approximately 12,000 acres of mitigation lands. We locate our mitigation projects, first and foremost, in areas with a significant ecological need. Secondly, we identify potential mitigation lands in areas that will provide the greatest service to future economic development. In addition, our banks provide some of the lowest cost mitigation credits in the nation, allowing Mississippi to have a competitive edge when competing for businesses and industries.

We are proud of the team of specialists we have assembled – The Swamp Group – to help meet wetland and stream mitigation needs across the state. We offer a full range of services.